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Castaway Island’s Mokimokiti Cabana

This traditionally thatched cabana can be easily converted from ceremony to reception and is the perfect location regardless of weather conditions. With 360* views from an elevated platform, this location is both intimate and spacious.

“It makes perfect sense to choose nature as the venue for your wedding day. Whether eloping or exchanging vows in front of loved ones, Castaway is your ideal wedding venue. ” – A Person

“Stunning photos. The sweetest of sunsets. Beautiful tropical gardens. It’s why couples year after year choose Castaway Island, Fiji as their island wedding destination. ” – A Person

Other Castaway reception locations

Beach Dinner Setup

An intimate ceremony can continue into a blissful reception with dinner on our white sandy beaches with a view of the jewel blue Pacific. Watching the sunset has never been easier or more tranquil.

Restaurant 1808

Turn a stunning ceremony into a lively, indoor reception, with beautiful seascapes and a view of the chefs cooking


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